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I have always been an active person, and like to stay fit by participating in outdoor activities such as hiking and jogging. But I’ve also been suffering from a persistent knee injury for the past few years, which has slowed me down considerably. I can’t jog on a daily basis anymore, so my doctor has recommended that I take up a sport, such as swimming or biking, that places less stress on my joints. I choose biking, and am currently shopping around for a solid, affordable bike suitable for a beginner.

After checking around, I’ve decided that Marin mountain bikes would probably be my best bet. There are a bunch of reasons this company and its products appeal to me, so I think I’d really be comfortable purchasing a bicycle from them. For example, the company is based out of California, right where off-road biking began in earnest and where the sport still reigns supreme. This allows the designers and technicians to keep a finger on the pulse of the sport, as the saying goes, and helps ensure that Marin mountain bikes reflect the latest needs and wants of riders. Even though I’m a beginner, this is an important consideration for me — especially when I’m about to drop a few hundred bucks on a bike!

Another reason I like Marin mountain bikes is that they have a wide range of models to choose from. For instance, they have several models at entry-level price points that nevertheless provide riders with a bunch of nice features. Sure, an entry-level bike might not give you the smoothest ride or have indestructible components, but everyone has to start somewhere. Marin mountain bikes get progressively better as the price tag gets larger. Their top-of-the-line models, which can cost thousands of dollars, are made using the latest technology and materials, and feature a full suspension system that helps soak up most of the impact that comes from riding over rough terrain. I’m obviously not at the point where I need something that costs this much, but maybe I’ll get there someday!

Since I don’t live in California, I’ll be shopping for Marin mountain bikes online or possibly at local stores. I’m looking for the best deals, of course, so anyone that can offer the product at or near wholesale or that can throw in a bunch of extras (such as free accessories or tune-ups) will definitely get my business.

I have to say I’m looking forward to taking up this new sport. I’ve already scouted out some terrific riding spots, so as soon as I decide which of the cheap Marin mountain bikes I want to buy, I’ll be ready to load the thing in my truck and head on out. I hope off-road biking is every bit as fun and exciting as it looks!

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Marin Mountain Bikes

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This article was published on 2011/01/04